UNITEK USB3.1 USB-C to SATA6G 2.5" Hard Disk Enclosure Y-3363

Usually, we have to install SSD/HDD to a computer directly to make it works as usual. However, it’s cumbersome to carry and easily damage (HDD/SSD) if we plug in and out frequently. UNITEK Y-3363 is here to provide a brilliant solution for this problem. Now, you just plug your HDD / SSD into the enclosure, connect it to your computer with a cable. In case it’s necessary to disconnect the HDD / SSD from your computer, just remove the cable. That’s easy and won’t harm the HDD / SSD. USB3.1 SuperSpeed+ is the latest technology, which provides the data transfer speed up to 10Gbps. With the new USB-C – a reversible-plug connector, simple and easy to use, it’s also effectively comply the performance of USB3.1 SuperSpeed+. With the protective function and ultra speed data transfer rate, it’s definitely a “WOW” product for you.


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